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How to Get a Unique Dining Table

I hear it all the time. "There are so few furniture stores around and so many of them have the same styles of tables. I can't find anything I really love." Sometimes you need a piece of furniture that blends in with what you already have but sometimes you want a real stand out piece. You want something really unusual that you're not going to see at your neighbor's house. Or maybe you need a special shape or color or size or even a special function like expandability.

Residential Interior Designers have access to hundreds, maybe thousands, of gorgeous tables. They can find pieces to fit many budgets. Most of the sources they use can even customize the table so the client gets exactly what is needed for that particular room. Many designers, myself included, will work on an hourly basis and would be happy to help you find just one piece of furniture.

The other day I was table shopping for a client who needed a round pedestal table for a city condo and I came up with several unique options. Here's a sample of some of those tables. If you need help finding something perfect for your space, give me a call.

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