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Family room with large windows. Alisa Klein, a modern interior designer, chose to keep these furnishings simple so as not to interfere with the expansive backyard views.



re·lax /rəˈlaks/ verb   1. to take one's ease; rest; 2. to become calm, decompress, de-stress, loosen up, unwind

“Upon returning to her beautiful home she was finally able to relax and forget her cares”


nour·ish /ˈnər-ish/ verb   1. provide with the substances necessary for life, growth, and health; 2.  advance, encourage, nurture

“In the best circumstances, our surroundings nourish us physically, emotionally and spiritually”


in·spire /inˈspī(ə)r/ verb  1. to embolden someone with confidence to do something, especially creative; 2. to excite, or encourage

“We should spend our time in spaces that, inspire, motivate and transform us”

What Our Clients Are Saying…

This was the third time we worked with Alisa…. She clearly loves what she does and makes the difficult process of renovating a lot easier and more fun.

S.W. Northbrook, IL