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How Does a Designer Enhance Your Home?

You can't always tell when a designer has played a role in creating a beautiful home, but you do know a beautiful home when you see one. A good designer knows how to create a beautiful space by using his or her intuition and skills and knowledge acquired along the way. I was recently reminded of the power of great design when I visited the Dream Home at the Merchandise Mart in Chicago.

The talented designers of these rooms used every inch to make the spaces useful and beautiful. They knew where to place the key spectacular pieces for the most impact and where to place the "supporting cast" pieces. They knew when to highlight a wall with striking wallpaper and where to place a light for a dramatic shadow. They knew where to pop in an unexpected fun flourish. They knew where to add detail, how much detail to add, and where to leave open space. They knew how to design in a way that encourages you to take in the entire space. When you look at the photos you'll notice what I mean.

I apologize for the quality of the photos as there wasn't any natural light. To see professional high-quality images please go to the website at:

The Dream Home is on the first floor of the Mart and open to the public.

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