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What's Coming in Home Decor?

I'm often asked about trends in home furnishings. It's great to know what's coming so you keep your home looking current, but for the big investment pieces like large upholstery and semi-permanent finishes like floor stain, tile and countertops, I usually recommend a classic look. There are places where you may want to insert something of the moment and super stylish. For inspiration on those pieces I love seeing what's coming from the European design shows. This article from Houzz does a great summary of some of the trends that were seen at Maison & Objet this year.

In case you haven't noticed, color is back in a big way. If you've just invested in a monochromatic interior or in 50 shades of gray then you're in luck! That type of background is great for showing off color!

The other big trend, I'd summarize with the word drama. You see it in the curves of the furniture, the in-your-face scale of the patterns, and the big contrast in color palettes.

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