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Trends in Office Design

I had the opportunity to attend the premier office furnishings trade show, NeoCon, last week. Although my business is focused on residential design, it's always interesting and useful to see trends in related markets. If you have a business office you may be interested in what's happening in office design and if you don't you can get a feel for general trends that will probably influence how you decorate your home.

1. PLAYFUL AND FUN: I could hardly get close enough to this jungle gym area to take a photo because this was so popular at the show.

2. BRIGHT AND COLORFUL EVERYTHING: Lots of happy colors.

3. COMFORT AND FLEXIBILITY: For those of us not lucky enough to have one of these in your office, the first picture below shows a nap pod. The dome rises and the bed shifts to be upright so you can enter, program your nap preferences, and re-charge. The next photo shows one of the many flexible pieces, with a desk that raises and lowers so you can alternate between standing and sitting. The third photo is another alternative to traditional chairs.

4. ELECTRIC EVERYWHERE: Outlets on side tables, coffee tables, sofas...

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