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Gain Square Footage Without Construction

With a few design tricks you can utilize unused space, helping you to gain valuable square footage within your existing home. You can learn a lot from the tiny house trend. I have a hard time believing that people will live in tiny houses for any length of time. It's more likely that these small dwellings will be used as vacation homes, guest houses or studio/offices. But by studying how these tiny homes use their limited space we can pick up some useful ways to create more space within our homes.

Tiny house that lives big.
Use space under the stairs for storage or seating

Go all the way to the ceiling, using the highest spot for sleeping space.

Bed pulls down when its time to sleep.

This bed was pulled down from the ceiling.  The headboard folds up to be a desk when the bed is in the upper position.
A comfortable office utilizing formerly dead space under the stairs.

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