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How to Decorate with Flea Market Finds-Part 3

Continuing on from my previous posts on decorating with found items, here are some more pictures and ideas from the Gold Rush Days show in Minnesota.

This glass container has an interesting shape and size. It would fit on the kitchen counter and could hold snacks or it could be a decorative piece on a shelf or table in a living room. Fill it with whatever is interesting or colorful or fun to you. How about light bulbs? Happy Meal toys? Paint brushes?

I'm including this because it was such a pretty surprise to me. I think that finding the unexpected is what makes flea markets so much fun. I loved this mirror and wished I had a client looking for a piece like this. It wasn't inexpensive but for the price offered so much decorative value. Use a piece like this in an otherwise clean and streamlined room to give it an eclectic look. Or above a dressing table in an already over-the-top Hollywood Regency bedroom.

I'm partial to this table as we had this exact one in our kitchen when I was growing up. My mother knew how to "bring the outdoors in" before anyone had uttered those words. These wrought iron tables wear like.....well they wear really well, to withstand just about anything. They can be painted any color and seat cushions can be added to match. Use this type of table indoors or out. It's your house, you get to decide.

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